Pool opening & closing

Pool Openings

Spring is almost here and soon the ice and snow will be gone. Getting your pool open is one of the best ways to put the memories of our long Canadian winter behind you and looking ahead to warmer days. Let us take this headache off your hands.

Pool Openings from $285 + hst

Armada Procedures:

  • Drain winter cover, wash cover with mild cleaning detergent, rinse, fold and prep for your storage.
  • Drain and rinse water bags, fold and prep for your storage (if applicable).
  • Clean debris from winter pool cover and place into garbage bags. We’ll put them wherever you’d like but you’ll have to dispose of them.
  • Remove all the winter plugs
  • Re-install the return balls,skimmer basket, salt cell (if applicable), the plumbing to pump and filter etc.
  • Re-install pool deck equipment
  • Rinse your pool deck and general pool area with garden hose.

What you will need to have ready when we arrive.

  • Power to the pools equipment turned on (but don’t turn on the pump).
  • Pool accessories ready for installation.
  • Accessible water from outdoor tap and hose must be ready for use.
  • Pool filled to appropriate level (if possible)
  • Electrical power supply available.
  • Make sure gate is unlocked.

Pool Closings

The leaves are starting to fall and your are spending more time cleaning your pool then using it. Winter is just around the corner and its time to close up your pool. Making sure that your pool lines are properly winterized is the key to having your pool running smoothly for years.

Pool Closings from $285 + hst

Armada Procedures:

  • Drain water level appropriately.
  • Remove skimmer basket, return eyeballs, etc.
  • Blow out lines, drain pool equipment and add anti-freeze to lines. (we supply the anti-freeze)
  • Put winter plugs in returns, gizmo in skimmer.
  • Remove diving board and pool deck accessories.
  • Add needed closing chemicals (they are on us).
  • Install winter cover/lock in cover & water bags.
  • Place pool deck accessories in your desired location.
  • Place salt cell in your desired location so you can store it and prevent it from freezing (if applicable).

What you will need to have ready for when we arrive:

  • Winter cover (water bags if required).
  • Winter plugs, gizmo etc.
  • Outdoor power to be accessible.
  • Gate unlocked.
  • Vacuum pool and balance water.
  • Remove solar blanket if applicable.