inground pool installations

Although all projects are a little bit different, they generally follow the same process, which includes the same phases.

Phase 1: Project Quoting

During this phase we visit with our customers to walk around the area where the proposed inground pool will be installed. In doing so we can get a better understanding of the type of access we have for digging and building the pool, the size of your yard and your visions on the use of your space. With this information we can help you with the size, shape and placement of your pool as well as decking/patio options. We can then get all the numbers together and give you a very competitive quote.

Phase 2: Project Agreement & Deposit

At this phase you will get your pool installation start date. All required permits will be applied for at this phase also. We will also go over all the final finished grades for the new pool and decking/patio.

Phase 3: Layout and Excavation

Inground pool location is sprayed out and grade pins are set. Excavator will dig the pools shape and any required decking/patio area. All dirt is removed off site and steel plates are used to protect the traveling area outside of the construction zone. We are known for our cleanliness.

Phase 4: Inground Pool Construction

Steel walls are installed, braces installed, pool walls are leveled, concrete footings are poured around walls to secure them in place and prevent them from moving, a concrete rough bottom is poured to shape the pools bottom, pools plumbing and lighting is run, stone is placed around walls and pool is ready for decking/patio.

Phase 5: Pool Decking, Patio & Landscaping

If a stone coping is being used a 1 foot concrete skirt is poured for the stone to sit on. If a concrete deck/patio is the preferred option then all formwork and concrete placement will be done by Armada C.C.&P. at this point. All stone and/or interlocking is done by an outside landscaper and at this point they would come in.

Phase 6: Smooth Coat and Liner Install

After all the pool decking & patio is complete we will then do the smooth coat of the pool bottom and get the pool ready for the vinyl liner install. Pool equipment will also be sent up and ready to go at this time. On liner day we like to use a water truck to fill the pool so that we are there to make sure the liner fits properly and we can remove the liner vac.