broom & spin float

What is Broom and Spin Float?

A broom or spin float finish is the classic concrete finish and generally your least expensive option. A broom finish is just as it sounds, once the concrete has set up a little a fine broom is dragged across giving it lines that give the concrete a non slip surface.  

A spin float is a swirl pattern done by hand on knee boards, this finishing technique is used when pulling a broom is not an option because of obstructions or when there are too many different angles and the broom wouldn’t be able to go in the same direction.

A spin float finish also has more traction then a broom finish. Although a very basic finish when both are done correctly they have a very clean and modern look.

Why choose Armada?

Just because this style of concrete finishing is generally the least expensive option it doesn’t mean that it has to look that way. At Armada we believe that every job should be front page worthy and when these finishes are done correctly they look just as good has any of the decorative concrete options.